6 May 2008


I'm going to get the bonus done for the TIAS and then hopefully announce the start date in a few days time.
I managed to get four of my roly poly tat bags listed on Etsy on Sunday. The other two haven't quite made it yet. Oh, here's the link!

Yesterday was a VERY busy day with the aged nose glued yet again to the computer - this time doing drawings for somebody else. An exciting new book coming out shortly (or even lately!!).
Just remembered this morning that I'd fogotten (remembered/forgotten!!) to add Lai Ellen's clover sequin to the site. Just need her to check it over then it can 'go'.


Unknown said...

well, looking forward to the TIAS, we'll see if I have time...lol. Now that my health is improving I'm getting busy with "life" again.
Oh, I clicked on the link quite a few times it said "error"
I would love to see your bags.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, tattingchic. I've fixed the link now. I do hope you'll feel able to take part in the TIAS. It's great fun and there's always lots to learn - even I learn from it!!!

Ridgewoman said...

Hi Jane! I think your roly poly tat bags are just the right size for those traveling projects. I'm assuming the price is in GPS? I love the from the small roses fabric.
Looking forward to our next TIA and I think Tatting Chic will find that she has time to do that 'wee bit' each day.
I'm rather excited that it utilizes beads - should we have any particular size on hand?
Your 'soul mate' in NM

Ridgewoman said...

She's baaaaccckkkkk
Oh Happy Dance here in the "wilds" of the New Mexico, USA high desert. Where no one tats or even sells threads and beads.
However, BJ is dancing because she has lots of size 20 thread (all colors)
more beads than she'll ever use (but I keep sharing them) and even a button (pretty good for someone who doesn't sew_

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