27 August 2008

Tatting with a head in the way!!!

First of all the good news.  Remember me telling about the photo site where some of our well known designers work (as in books) had been uploaded and left open for all to see and download?  That post is here.  Good news.  Google has been told and has taken it down.  
Have you ever tried to tat with a head and a mop of curls in the way??? Not easy. We have two little grandboys here at the moment and the smallest (who looks just like a curly headed pixie) is here for his first stay away from home. I'd left some beads in a container (child proof, thankfully) and he found them. He found a couple of shuttles too with thread on so he wanted to know what they were for. Eventually I had to show him - he really does have a mind of his own - so we settled down in a chair with him on my lap. I wrapped the thread round my left hand and gave him the shuttle. He made the stitches and I flipped the flip!!! I've no doubt he'll never pick a shuttle up again but it was mildly amusing for twenty minutes to see him try!!! If only that head full of curls hadn't got in the way I could've seen what was going on a lot better!!!!!!!


Tattycat said...

What a cute story. You never know. You may have given him the first of many lessons!

Unknown said...

What a sweet grandmum you are to let the little tot give it a try!

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Happy Beaks
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