16 September 2008

A NEW brain - at LASTl!

I think brain cell # 3 can go into retirement now because I have friends out in tat land who think of me and offer help in an entirely unexpected way.
Yesterday morning I received a letter from Martha Ess. Now this struck me as sort of odd as we usually email each other. So I opened the letter and there was a card. The note in the card read like this -
"Dear Jane. This all started when Beth Sims (of the Tennessee Southern Belle Tatters) made an off hand comment that she wished there was a tatted brain for her neuro-scientist boss. Well, I couldn't resist that ...... But everyone who saw it, including Beth, instantly said 'Jane needs more brain cells'. So here you are"
I read the card and wondered whether Martha had 'lost the plot' until I opened the folded sheet of paper inside the card. On this sheet was a pattern for a brain!!! Yes, honestly. That AND a brain included (see the picture below). Now I've NO excuse for not getting on and doing stuff. I'm now 'over brained'!!!! I don't think I'll ever become a genius but I'm certainly on the way now thanks to Beth and Martha. Thanks, Martha.
By the way - I nearly peed my pants when I saw my new brain.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That is too cute!

Tattycat said...

Oh my. This is hilarious! I am so glad that you now have an extra brain. What will you come up with now with all this added brain power? By the way, DH thinks that I need a new brain as well. I might have to beg for the pattern!

Jon Yusoff said...

What a hoot! Lucky you to have a spare brain. Now, make sure you use them in alternate so that neither is left idle for long. Oh well, no problem there I guess ... just tat up another brain, LOL.

Gina said...

What a deal!

:-) Gina

Ladytats said...

Oh Jane, That is really wonderful, I can't wait to see what these new brain cells come up with. Martha is an absolute genius at developing patterns.

Susanne said...

Gosh, with a new brain around I wonder what extraordinary designs you will come up with in the future because those you have done so far are so great.

Anonymous said...

um I especially like that it has so many 'holes' (er..negative space). Perhaps that is where the "creative coin" drops? LOL

Martha's brain is very creative and her tatting is lovely to hold. Although, Jane, are you saying your new brain can be held in your hand? I'm just sayin.... LOL


Tara said...

Oh my goodness that is too funny! Now you have extra brain cells to go all around. LOL


Unknown said...

Oh, that is great! A tatted brain!!! How did I miss this post?

*♥* Heather *♥* said...

that is just too cute and funny I love that brain

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