18 October 2008

I've been thinking

I've been thinking. Now I know I do a lot of it but having so very few brain cells it's not easy and takes a lot out of my energy cells! I've been re-visiting a pattern that I put on my web site in 2005 and found it a tad confusing!

I don't think it's particularly difficult if people had been following me (and that DOES include me) from the beginning of my 'career' (or lack of) in designing.

What really amazes me is that in just 3 years my methods of writing patterns has changed so much. Let me explain.

First of all when I looked at this pattern I realised that there was no sign of notation for right/front side wrong/backside tatting. YIKES!!!

Do people REALLY want/need the notation in italics and red for front side/back side tatting? Tat is the question!!!! (sorry Bill Shakespeare).

Next thing I noticed was that all the beads were added to the threads before starting instead of adding as you go which could be done for a lot of the beads used in this pattern.

What I really, really want to know is if I should change the pattern or leave it 'as is'? I do find this way of adding beads so much easier - BUT do others? To quote a bit from the bard (again and with apologies) - 'to load or not to load tat is the question'?

This very much makes me (and the 3 best brain cells) realise that I will never be 'ready' to put a book together as I've got what many people have called it in the past - a butterfly brain. It flits from one idea to another always hoping it's going to do better!!!

Any and all comments are very welcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mate, This is very subjective and only one opinion; but here is a response from a 'middlin' tatter.
It is up to you!
Perhaps in lieu of rewriting the pattern; you could just add a notation about front side/back; and, or bead additions. Kind of "refer to . . ."
Personally, on your new patterns I like the red notations (because I don't normally tat front side/back and this makes me try it a new way) Increases my learning curve.
Adding beads is a matter of choice; I have never minded loading a shuttle with beads. However, I do use (all the time) the long picot method of adding beads on a picot between elements. Love that!
Again, as the designer, do what you wish to do to the earlier patterns. I should think a notation for a link to optional methods might be okay; yet not rewriting the whole enchilada.
I'm curious, which pattern was it you were looking at in her perusal?
XXX Bev ~ Ridgetatter

Unknown said...

I've always thought that frontside/backside tatting is a personal choice left up to the tatter. I personally don't need to have notations to tell me when to do it. Sometimes I just want to tat for the sake of tatting and not worry about all that silliness, LOL! Other times I'm in a very perfectionistic mood and want very much to have everything look all perfect. In either case I don't need the notations for that.

Jane Eborall said...

I must say that I agree with you again, TattingChic!!! I always thought that front/backside was silly as it made one side 'bad' until I started designing using block tatting. I then realised that there was a good reason for using it on occasions like that. Personally I do find that notating it is useful to me as I tend to 'lose the plot' later in the evening!!!

connie said...

Well I do appreciate the notation for front side/back side (I just said backside teehee) tatting. I cannot tell by looking when the thread is small and unless I have tied some brightly colored thread to the front side of the first ring I get all sorts of confused and lose my way. That said I think the notation/link added to older patterns is the way to go. If you spend all your time bringing the old patterns up to the new standard then you will have less time for the things you wish to do now. Sort of like how I keep organizing and reorganizing my supplies and never get around to tatting anything.

Martha said...

Since there are so many new tatting inspirations to pursue, I would not spend a lot of time revising old patterns, but simply add a note: "For another way to add the beads,click here"

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, so true, Martha!! Since I started thinking I would change pages I've got myself distracted by other ideas!!!!!! You just know me too well and I think your idea (and Connie's too) are the way to deal with it!!! Connie - you could always come and organise me too!!!!!!!

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