19 November 2008


Finally and after many, many 'tweaks' of the stitch count the pendant set is sorted. Yipppeeeee, I can now allow myself to do something else. Perhaps a good tidy up of tat corner should be a priority!!!


BJ said...

WOW! But I'D be "bonkers" to try that with so many beads. Still a bit fiddly for me, that beading. But this result is stunning. It just gets better and better, mate.
XX Bev

Marty said...

These are beautiful, Jane! Is this a pattern going onto your pattern pages, or something going into your Etsy shop?

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, Lovely Pendant and Earrings. I really like the brown and cream along with the black and gold beads. Very Elegant

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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