14 December 2008

A small sense of achievement

Thank you, rain. Thank you, rain!!! Because it was too wet to go walking yesterday I spent time working on the new dangly flower pattern. It's not hard or complicated but it is proving a nightmare to draw!!! I think it would be impossible to work without drawings!!

Another small step for tat land was made yesterday too. I managed to get back working on one of the patterns I've been playing with as an idea for lessons. I'm reasonably pleased with the result although a little more work might be needed on the body of this critter.


Marty said...

Okay! That's about the cutest bug that looks like a bug I've ever seen. Glad it wasn't a leaf and a whole bush after all.

Anonymous said...

I like the little critter!

Stephanie said...

I like him! He reminds me of a butterfly that has just emerged from a cocoon.

connie said...

I love this bug. Do you recall seeing Audrey Hepburn in a full skirt that went to the floor but did not close fully in front and she had slim little pants on under it? This bug reminds me of that costume.

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Happy Beaks
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