27 February 2009

I am not very bright.

When I did this pattern in 2007 I needed or wanted a way to progress from the centre of the work to the next round. I 'devised' the method shown on that page and thought nothing of it!!!!

I was talking to Georgia Seitz a week or so ago about this, tat and t'other and she sent me pictures of the Dora Young split ring.

Finally, but finally the penny dropped. Oh, if you're in America it would be a cent that dropped, I guess!!!

What I'd used in that pattern was what Dora had devised many years ago.
Further playing with the idea and again another penny went 'clunk'!!! What a fantastic way of making two coloured split rings and single coloured ones. So I finally (and again with help from Georgia and Jennifer) got this page together.


Needledreams said...

I like it. I have use DYK tatting for several years and is really a nice way to play with colors.

Martha said...

So, in a two color piece, you could climb out to the next row with an imitation split ring that is all one color? Hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that when you think you have done something useful, someone else has already been there and done it! I often do the second half of a split ring in this way (like doing a split chain) when I want to climb of one row into another and I am not using two shuttles, just a shuttle and ball thread! After I had learned the split chain technique I thought it was an ideal way to do a one shuttle split ring.

Unknown said...

LOL! We call them pennies here, too, Jane! :)

Oh, BTW I think your idea is amazing and I love it...I'm just wondering...on that page it mentions a SCH 'ring' when pointing to a certain part of the pattern, but I don't see a "SCH" in the abbreviations...am I blind? Did I miss it or should I just assume that means "Split Chain"? I just want to make sure.

Tatman said...

COOL!!!! And of course springboarding off this.....Since you are making a chain with two shuttle for the top part of the SR, throw a ring off of that. Then when you SC for the bottom half of the SR, throw a ring off of that facing downward. Two rings of two different colors thrown off of each side of the two color SR! Ahhhh....the possibilities!!! {VERY BIG GRIN}


Jane Eborall said...

That's right, Martha!
TattingChic - a split chain!!
Mark - GO AWAY!!! Stop tormenting me!!! Like I need MORE ideas?!?!?!?

Marty said...

More things to learn...thanks, my brain cells need the exercise as well!

Tattycat said...

Amazing! I'll have to give this a try.

Ridgewoman said...

there aren't enough years in my life...LOL but then, life is one stitch at a time...right..
tat's it!

Marilee Rockley said...

Just so cool!
As usual, your tutorial drawing is nice and clear. What a neat way to play with color, and it gives an enticing reason to practice the split chain.

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