18 February 2009

Out of hospital and back to work!

Yesterday we collected the laptop from hospital and the diagnosis was a fried motherboard. Thank goodness it was still under warranty!! After making sure I'd done all the updates it was very happy and willing to work again. There was a total scare two hours after me starting it up. The screen went black, very black! I thought it had died again. Took quite a few minutes to realise that although the power cable was plugged into it the plug on t'other end wasn't in the socket!! DUH, how stupid can you get?

This is the latest button - I really am enjoying these!!!

This evening I'm giving a talk locally and hoping that a few will 'take up the thread'!!!!


Needledreams said...

Each time they look more charming! The MOP buttons really do a difference in the design. So pretty!

Congrats for your baby back home! lol Mine is starting to have signs of malnourishment. :-( Been 3 years now in Feb since I got it.

Jon Yusoff said...

Not stupid Jane, just anxious and excited at the same time, :-)

Your MOP buttons motif are making me look at button in a different light now.

Unknown said...

Glad your baby is out of the hospital and back to work! :)

Ridgewoman said...

You are bonkers because of your blog headline; scared pounds from me! Well, that may be a good thing ~ hummm? Very nice MOP button work..
Glad your laptop is out of the hospital...
you REALLY scared me, mate!
XX Bev

Martha said...

looove those pink beads

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