9 March 2009

Still playing with buttons!!

Although I've officially 'finished' with buttons somebody suggested purple and red!!! So, here we go - purple and red!!! I've also added the t-shirt which I've sewn them onto. I didn't put them 'in a line' or 'round the neck' as I wanted something different. When I get the time (and inclination!) I'll take a picture of 'the old git' wearinig it!!!

I managed to upload the pattern page yesterday although I spent nearly two hours trying to get the link working back to the home page. I was almost ready to throw the computer through the window and it still doesn't work!!

I couldn't spend any longer struggling with it as I had arranged to go and try to help a lady who lives round the corner from me. We first met at Silver Surfers and she popped into the library last week to ask if I could help set up her computer on broadband. I did warn her that I'd never done that before but heroically set off to try. Before I got to her house I'd got soaked and hurt by a terrific hail storm.

I am over the moon. I managed with no bother at all to set up the broadband connection, do all the necessary downloads (virus signatures, windows updates, java, Firefox, etc). Does a new career await me?!?!?!


Bonnie said...

Very cool button flowers.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Purple, red, and beads... beautiful!

Needledreams said...

They looks so pretty all sew up! I downloaded yesterday the buttons pattern and will try to play with them today. I was thinking that you join the button as you tat. But I read the pattern and you sew the button to the tatting. That's simpler than to join the button as tatting. :-) Love the red/purple one!

Stephanie said...

Hello, Jane! Love the button flowers. Is that a lock stitch chain to make the petals? Very cool use of the technique. I'm just starting to get back into the swing of things. Tatting on a button looks like a good project to do right about now.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Steph, it is a lock stitch chain on the 2nd button!!
I didn't join to the button as I tatted, Wally, as I wanted the button to show this time. On other button patterns I've joined to the button to 'hide' it!!

Unknown said...

The button flowers look so pretty on your T shirt. THat purple and red wasn't a request from a Red Hat lady, was it, LOL!?

Gina said...

I love the way you arranged the buttons on your shirt. I hope you weren't hurt too badly from the hail! How big was it? Tiny bits of ice can slice right through you.

Unknown said...

Those are so neat!

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