4 April 2009

Confession time!!

Just before Christmas I spent a whole load of money on something which I never got the benefit from. I mean several thousands of pounds!!

A couple of weeks ago we finally decided to make the trip over the pond. By this time I realised that I couldn't face carrying all my heavy electronic 'stuff' as carry on luguage so have 'invested' (no, treated!) myself to a new camera and Itouch. How's that? Confession made.

So, I needed a case for the Itouch (already have a decent camera case which will double up as an everything case when we're out and about) so this is what I made for my new 'toy'. I made another for Nick with a belt loop on the back but I prefer just a hook.

Wonder whether I should make any for the Etsy shop? I've used the same lining inside as the poke proof pouches so that the whole toy is well protected.


Gina said...

Ha! You'll be plugged in all the time now!

Ridgewoman said...

Cool! You are officially 'wired'...LOL I think it's a great idea...but, of couse, consider the source of the opinion. :>) B

tattrldy said...

Nice case! I'm sure it will be nice not to have to lug heavy 'stuff' around!

Valerie said...

that's a nice creative solution and very functional. :)

Sewicked said...

What? No picture of the iTouch peeking out of its little pouch? Poor, neglected iTouch. I bet its baby book is completely empty. That's what happens to the baby of the..um, sorry, what were we talking about again. Ooooh, shiny!

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