16 September 2009

The joys of travelling!

I'll post all about Tat Days when I get home to the UK - probably starting on Sunday or Monday.  Meanwhile I need to tell you about the Atlanta hub and my 'fun' yesterday!!!
Last time I flew from Cincinnati to Columbia I was able to get direct flights.  This time I got one direct and one with a change - in Atlanta. 
Anybody who knows me knows that I'm not a confident driver but as I leave all that to the pilot when flying I'm not too nervous about this form of travel.  
So, yesterday all was going well.  Joanie took Hope and I to the terminal in Columbia - this hub is more like a village bus stop than an airport.  Small friendly and we were in plenty of time.  Thanks Joanie.  My flight was on time too for take off.  We were pushed back and taxied out to the runway.  OK, this is when it got complicated!!!  The pilot announced that he was turning down the engines as there was a storm at Atlanta and we were going to be delayed by half an hour!  
We got to Atlanta (terminal C) with five minutes to spare for my turnaround.  IF we'd been on time I'd have had 50 minutes.  So I dashed (aka wobbled) my way via the train to A32 which was the furthest gate in A - to find the flight had gone!!!  Found a Delta desk and re-booked for another flight and was told to go to C something (another trip on the train).  Tried to phone Cincinatti and my mobile wouldn't connect!!!  When I got to the gate I found that they'd re-directed me back to Columbia and then onwards to Cincinnati!!!  I found a help desk where I could phone a Delta rep who put me on a flight late in the evening and also on standby for an earlier one - after I'd said no way was I going back to Columbia!!!!  Back to terminal A (train again!!) to await standby.
Best part was that I got a seat on the earlier flight.  There were at least 10 of us on standby and when I spoke to another 'standbyer' I found that the flight had been overbooked by 23!!!!
Finally got home to Cincinnati about 4 hours later than expected.  
One last remark about the experience.  Delta staff were incredibly helpful and Atlanta is drop dead easy to find your way around.  Has it put me off flying?  NO WAY!!!!  A cool adventure and great confidence builder for an OG like me!!!


Sally Kerson said...

I wondered where you had got to!! Thought you had been beamed up to another planet! Pleased you got back to C safely after your little adventure. Its not funny when you are in a unfamiliar country trying to get to another part of the unfamiliar country. Hope to see you soon, and that there are no problems with the flight back to UK!

Tatman said...

This exact scenario happens to me every time I have a connecting flight to ANYWHERE via Chicago O'Hare airport. NEVER GO TO O'HARE!!!! Has put me off flying with connecting flights. Direct flights are the way to go. But then again I am not fond of flying and have only flew a handful of times in my life. I prefer going by car and seeing the countryside no matter how long it takes. I love good ole' terra ferma!!!!!
So glad you are safe and look forward to reading your report on PTD :)

TAT19540 said...

I live near O'Hare(not really- but close enough) and I HATE to fly just because of what happened to you. The few times I've flown have been nightmares with the terminals.I'd rather drive. But someday I want to go to the UK so I just have to get over it. Glad to hear you made it to your destination eventually.

Crazy Mom! said...

Glad you didn't perish coming through Atlanta. Those terminals are LOOOONNNNGGGG. Let me know if you're coming through another time and have a layover - I can buzz out there on Marta!

Fox said...

I love the mileage one can collect from these travel escapades! You can dine out on them forever!!!
The Flying Fox : ))

Hope Green said...

Jane- My flight was SO uneventful compared to yours... You needed "Hysterical" to keep you company... but I am not sure how many dog ticks he would have ended up with...

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