23 December 2009

I did it!!

I sorted out the 3 hearts pattern and have now replaced the original!!!!

There are a few tweaks on the stitch count (why on EARTH did I do it that way before?!?!).  

These three scans would've looked a lot better if only I'd blocked or even pressed them!!!  The iron is buried under a pile of 'stuff' so we're going to look even more wrinkled for the next week or two until it's located again!!!  


TAT19540 said...

The one with all the beads is my favorite! I relate to things missing in all the piles. I have a few of those. Now why can't they invent a button you can push (like the panic button on your key ring for your car) that when pushed your lost objects make noise so you can find them!lol
The hearts look like fun and would look great on a card!

tattrldy said...

All the hearts look great, as you scroll down it just keeps getting better! They have those lights that come on when you clap your hands, maybe you could attach something like that to your iron...but I guess you'd have to find it first!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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