14 January 2010

Re-inventing the wheel!

Well sort of.

I'm working on something new and part of it involves this wee sample.  

I did it one way and (as usual, having a butterfly brain) as soon as I'd finished I thought of a better way of working it!!!  So I decided to do just that to find out what the difference would be.

Can anybody spot the difference?  Same stitch count.


Isdihara said...

Here is my best guess: the sample on the left is tatted with split rings (two shuttles) and the one on the right with either SCMRs or SSSRs?

I have never tatted SMCRs or SSSRs (yet) so I can't tell for sure.

❦TattingChic said...

You needle tatted the second one!

Anonymous said...

I think the one on the right is split rings.

Tatman said...

The one on the left was done with SCMR with 7 half rings and then you worked the SC method to work back to the SCMR to finish it off, joining to the picot of the last half ring. It looks like a SCMR because of the carrying thread at the base of that first ring.
The one of the right is straight SRs.

Just a guess!!!!


Tatman said...

BTW....WHY you would do that first option I mentioned......I DON'T KNOW! Too many butterflies in your brain???? :-D SRs is much easier and faster ;)


Anonymous said...

You worked one clockwise and the other one anticlockwise?

TAT19540 said...

The second is definitely split rings have no clue on the first, but Tat-Man's answer sounds good. The second works 'neater' than the first and gives a nicer look. Just my opinion.

Jane Eborall said...

OK, the difference in these is that I THOUGHT there would be a difference!!!! The one was started with 2 - 2 / 4 - 4 and worked from the inside out. The other was worked 4 - 4 / 2 - 2 from the outside in. I thought there would be a difference in the look just because they were worked the other way round. Shows what a dumby I am.

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