9 January 2010


Well I let myself down yesterday - I made a mistake on one of the blog postings - took me most of the day to find it too.  Thankfully Katie V and Wendy told me about it and Sally pointed me to the right place.  I've been trying to say thank you to Wendy but my message keeps bouncing.  So, thanks, Wendy from here!!!

What had I done wrong?  I'll explain!!!  As we're snowed in (I did manage to stagger out and get milk and bread 'on the hoof' yesterday) I thought I'd have a lie in and read in the morning.  So on Thursday evening I did a draft post but put in the link for day 3 by accident!!!  DUH, where IS my dear number 3 when I need him!!  So a few people picked up the wrong link.  I will NOT be doing draft posts again on the TIAS unless I've had a glass of red wine beforehand which might help, of course!!!  

I did explain to myself that it wasn't really the 'end of the world' as I'm not charging for this so in the end I gave myself a good whack on the bum, smiled and got on with the day!!!!

Tomorrow is day 3 and a whole new 'part'!!!!


Wendy said...

Well it's sad to see that you are not perfect and make mistakes like the rest of us, even with the help of brain cell 3

Vanessa. said...

Thank goodness for that! I'd been looking at the instructions and then looking at other people's tatting and I couldn't figure out how they got their result. I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

I'll download the correct instructions for day 2 now :)

Sally Kerson said...

Don't beat yourself up about it Jane, you are doing a marvelous job, wouldn't know where to start on such a project. Anyway thought it was me who had "lost the plot" to begin with!!

Isdihara said...

Ooh, When I read that a few of the other tatters had accidentally gotten Day 3, I went madly searching, hoping in vain to get it too! Yes, I'm gaga for the next installment of T.I.A.S. -- LOL!

But by the time I saw, you had fixed everything up perfectly and Day 3 was back in the vault. *heavy.sigh*

Sounds like I need a whack on the bum for trying to cheat!

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