26 March 2011

More gifts for kids!!!

Once more I needed more gifts for kiddies (and a grownup)!!  It was sorta suggested that they'd like magnetic bookmarks.  That's fine by me but I didn't think my usual ones were really suitable for kids as a few 'tugs' on the lock chains would soon become a disaster!!!  

So, back to my very first idea (when brain cell 3 was as fresh as a daisy!) which was to sit critters on the top of the book like these two are.  The worm one is for the boy and the butterfly for the girl.  Then there needed to be another for mum so she gets the one with the lock chain!!!


Red said...

As a girl I feel the need to stand up and say I'd want the worm :) Adorable!

Fox said...

LOVE that worm!
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

All look great! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

I love them both, the worm is great.

Susie said...

Super cute! Is there any chance you would post the "magnet cover" part of your pattern...it looks like split rings with chains, but the last ring seems to close on the side. I have a few magnets that I'd love to put to good use!

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Happy Beaks
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