8 April 2011

Spring/Summer means bags!!!

As soon as the weather gets warmer I get out the sewing machine and move into the conservatory to sew!!!!  Today I have more little bags to show you!!!  I actually made these last week!!!

Amongst a big lot (100 actually!) of zips that I bought  last year off Ebay were some really, really tiny ones  - 2 1/2" to be exact.  These have been sitting in my stash luring me into temptation since then!!!

The first one I'm showing today is one that I made with a teeny zip for my camera's spare battery and spare memory card.  There is a tiny pocket in the case which is held shut with velcro but several times I've nearly lost these two items when carrying them around in there so I made a new tiny bag which is 'just right' and which clips onto the handle.

Now in preparation for the trip later in the summer I've made another weeeeee bag for the 'necessary' tatting tools I may need - a fine crochet hook (I buy mine from Georgia), a pair of clippers (safer than scissors for cutting ends) and a self threading needle.

You'll see (if you look closely) that I've added a piece of fabric to the inside to put the needle on.  The whole thing is lined with my 'secret ingredient' (poke proof stuff) that I use for the poke proof pouches.

I still have a few more zips around 3" to 4" which I'm going to think about next  - all suggestions welcome!!!  

Hang on - if anybody suggests I use them to zip my mouth shut then I'll ban them from reading my blog!!!!!!!


craftydiane said...

Love your bags! I am a bag person myself. Lately I have been crocheting little bags to hold different things in my purse. I love to do that as I can crochet the bag to the exact measurement of whatever it is I want it to hold. I have to ask, what is the poke proof stuff? And what do you have on the ends of that crochet hook? I am always looking for things to put on my crochet hooks to keep them from poking through stuff. Recently I bought some single cigar holders and crocheted around them and carry some of my hooks in thoses.
Love all your work!

RandaGray said...

Eek! I'm going ot have to go back to etsy... I've been looking for a bag for a while & I've been avoiding your shop because I *knew* you'd have something..... Here I go again :)

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, craftydiane - top secret is what I use in the poke proof pouches!!! I've never seen the stuff in America!!! On the ends of the crochet hook is a 'cap' with a ring through and I add a chain so I can hang it from my belt or wherever. I buy them from Georgia Seitz as I love the short length of them too.

Margarets designer cards said...

Now Jane would we say use the zip you up, well I would never say that, I am sure these bags would sell well mind they look fiddly to make.
Have a nice weekend.

Karen said...

You amaze me. 2 1/2 inch zips would take too much patience and turn me into a patient where they wear white coats. NEVER, NEVER a zip for your mouth! Tatland would miss so much! Karen in OR

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