5 July 2011

Hmmmmm, another 2 Fandango pendants!!!

So I thinked and I thunked and I thought darn hard (well, not really!) and came up with a new look Fandango motif!!!!!
First of all I wanted to make the centre 'cross' a bit more prominent and so I found that all it needed was one SLT to do the trick!!!!  How easy is that?

Then I thought - why not MORE beads, as you do, so this is what happened - see below.  

Actually I used my favourite metallic threads.  I get them from Lyn Morton at Tatting and Design.  


Anne said...

Clever deviation Jane!!

I prefer the first one as the cross is more accentuated! The bottom 'loop'
looks less drunk too!!!!

Hope Sally enjoyed her birthday.

Fox said...

This pattern is sitting under the one on my table, the one that I just tatted - Small Motif.

Love the way it came out in these colours with the beads you chose. Very nice!
Fox ; 0

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.