24 June 2011

Two more and the last!

Promise - these are the last two pairs of Winsome Drops - for now!!!!

If you look closely you'll see they are a little different.

I wondered what would happen if I made the long beaded picot start in a different place.  I can never leave things alone!!!  The top pair were made by putting the LBP (long beaded picot) near the start and end of the ring.  Gives it a sort of bulge but not a lot different to yesterday's.

Now, the red ones I LOVE.  The LBP is made just a bit before the finding is added and a bit after.  I used a heart shaped bead between the ring and split ring and then happily and accidentally found that  the LBP formed a heart shape too!!!

This is what I was aiming for and THOUGHT would happen in the pinkish pair.  I'm never sure at the outset what will happen in situations like this!!!


Carol Lawecki said...

What a difference it made in the placement of the LBP. The red earrings now have a heart shape appearance and the heart shape bead is a perfect accent!! Way to go Jane!! THanks for show casing your Winsome Drop Earrings!~!

God's Kid said...

Ooooh, both sets look awesome!!! :)

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Happy Beaks
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