17 October 2011

Another two bells

Before I start rambling today - is there anybody who can help a lady who wants to learn shuttle tatting and who lives in Upstate NY, just east of Syracuse (in Fremont)?  If there is, could you contact me - my email address is in my profile.  Thanks.

Here are two more - am I boring you, yet?  Well, to keep you interested I've put the pattern on my site.  It's here.  Remember it's name - The Outside In Bell!!!  Simply because it's worked from the outside to the inside - sort of!!!
I like to have several projects on the go at any one time even though I always swore I wouldn't!!!  I find that I need a project that I can pick up (like the bells) towards the end of an evening or even for a whole evening after a hard day.  That's a hard day of being retired and spending too much energy on avoiding  any form of housework!!!

I usually also have two design projects on the go too.  Why two?  Well if one is getting boring or I can't see the way forward then the other one might be a good idea!!!  Well, it works for me but does this sort of thing work for everybody?  I'd love to know if I'm 'odd' or 'normal'!!!


Fox said...

This really rings my chimes - so to speak! Oh, the time... I must find some to tat this. I really like it.

You know, Jane, I keep very few motifs around in view unless they go on The Lamp, but I have always kept your Flurry pattern on my table where I can always see it. It is substantial, in red and green, #20 and heavily beaded and I love it! The bell reminds me of it, though it is nothing the same.
Fox : )

Ladytats said...

Silly Jane, we are all Odd and or Normal depending on your view. So, what works for you is just fine.

Love the bells, the pattern really came together for you.

IsDihara said...

The color combos you and Fox have been showing us lately are blowing my mind!

I have been wanting to tat the outside-in bell since the first teaser photo! Color me plaid with excitement!

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