4 October 2011

Well, it wasn't a PROMISE!!

I didn't actually PROMISE I wasn't going to post every day - it was just a sort of 'suggestion' to myself and you guys!!!  So as it wasn't a 'promise' I can break it, can't I?

I do have a very, very good reason to break my 'promise'.  

After a discussion with Natalie at the Yarnyard (here in the UK) and via another lass I met online, she kindly sent me some silk HDT thread to tat with.  This was silk she'd hand dyed herself (she's an expert at this - been doing it for years) for the embroidery and knitting 'market'.  I loved the colours which were grey to black but it was just a bit 'fuzzy' for me and I suggested that probably a good six core thread may be better for tatters.  You can see a picture of my tryout down below - just a quick 8 ring motif that I did to try something for somebody else!!!  I didn't start the two shuttles tied together so that's why it looks a bit 'odd' after the SR!!!  Anyway, off Natalie trundled and got some Lizbeth to try.  

Meanwhile she opened up an Etsy shop for the silk threads and by yesterday had some HDT Lizbeth for sale.  Well, you know me - I was like a 'rat up a drainpipe' and was in that shop at the drop of a hat!!!!  Good job too as the one called 'birthday' quickly sold out - I got a skein of that!!

Natalie is learning to tat too and her blog is here.  Fancy learning to tat with HDT (OK, she says this one didn't pass her quality control but it would've passed mine!).  When I learned all we had available was white Coats.  If you scroll down her blog you'll see all the colours she's doing in threads and I'm sure she'd help if there's anything you want.


Margarets designer cards said...

Yes Jane, If I remember it was white and Eurc a dirty cream, today 40 years on we have a wide range of threads and the colours well I dont know why to start. The beginners of today are very lucky. Off to check out this blog

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Now I have another blog to keep up with... thanks, Jane! Natalie's threads and first attempt at tatting are wonderful!

Natalie said...

I'm glad you like the silk, and I hope the Postie brings Birthday for you this morning, I look forward to seeing how it tats up when done by an expert instead of a bumbling beginner like me!

The shop has been emptied by enthusiastic tatting folk which is wonderful. I have more dyed and it's cring a the moment (I like to give it 24 hours) so there will be more tomorrow and I'll try to keep it stocked up.

What sort of colours do people like? Sock it to me brights? Semi solids?

I'm really excited about dyeing threads for something new. As you know i've been dyeing for years but there is always a "buzz" when I learn a new method and ESPECIALLY when I see it made Ito something unique and beautiful.


Jane Eborall said...

Ah, I'm thinking 55 years ago!!! I was a mere 13 years old and all I could get was mucky ecru, cream and white. Least I could buy them locally!

Jane Eborall said...

Ooooh, Natalie, I'm keeping my ears open for the postie as I write this!!! Colours? Well I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions!!! I'll pass any on that may come my way!!!

LittleBerry said...

lovely motif and it looks good....

My thread already arrived as you know ;o)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted today as I miss you not posting every day but, no pressure from me as I could not post on my blog even once a week:) I love Natalie's blog and will be following her tatting. She has done a great job with her thread and yaaaay...more HDT for me to get addicted too. DH will not be happy though. Tehehehehehe

Sally Kerson said...

Now following Natalie's blog and how great to have someone in the UK hand dyeing thread. Natalie I like bright colours but saying that almost anything!
Ah perhaps your birthday thread Jane will arrive tomorrow on your birthday!!!

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