15 December 2011

Christmas card

A few weeks ago Karen of Crafty Ideas here in the UK (click on the link!) popped into my inbox.  She's learning to tat.  She has a wealth of craft experience behind her so it's no wonder that she's taken to the shuttle like the proverbial 'duck to water'.  Quack, quack, quack.  Sorry, couldn't resist a bit of stupidity!

Anyway over the past few weeks and despite being probably the busiest woman I've ever spoken to, she's managed to make her own cards WITH this snowman on!!!  She sent me one and it's perfect.  I've been meaning to make some myself but - well I keep getting distracted!!!

Must admit to those who don't know me too well, that I'd forgotten this chap!!  He's lurking here (no danger of him melting at the moment as it's SO cold).  So if you live anywhere near East Sussex it looks as if you could be in for a treat if you visit Karen's shop.  Wish I lived close by - it looks like a treasure trove.


Maureen said...

The snowman looks as though he has made himself quite at home, doesn't he? - fits right into his new surroundings.
But I'm glad his real home is on your pattern pages because I have just finished tatting him to give to my hairdresser tomorrow morning!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

I have always loved this snowman! I think I need to tat it again. Karen's Christmas card with your snowman is wonderful!!

Batty Tatter said...

That is very pretty. Clever too.
Thank you for you compliment on my beading Jane. I will be trying more.

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Happy Beaks
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