7 December 2011

Day 2 from Anastasija

Now the next subject we talked about (which I find VERY interesting) is the SSSR (single shuttle split ring).  Now when Anastasija sent me this conundrum I was deeply involved in the TIAS and I'm afraid I didn't look at it closely for a day or so.  When I did I just couldn't 'see' it.  Here's how she explained it.

"During designing I come to a question how to tat with one shuttle following the shape of SCMR? And tried to make half moon SSSR. I perform the 1st half of this ring as usual, then rotate already made knots upside down towards myself - so now they are looking down, and the other half perform also as usual. When tighting the half moon the knots have a tendency to make a ring, but they should be formed with fingers to the needed shape. Of course it's not ideal half moon, but you can see what was made. I have previousely noticed that if I tighten SSSR too hard, It's halves become unequal, so in half moon I did not make less knots in innere half. Only in the last one I made 1 knot less - and it looks like semicircle =)))
It is microfibra thread. I should try also with cotton."

It wasn't her explanation that was a problem - I think it was me just being plain thick!!!  Anyway, Anastasija then uploaded a youtube video which made it very, very clear.  Here's the link.

Please listen to her daughter talking in the background - I couldn't resist turning up the volume to hear her.  Here is a photo she sent me but there will be another tomorrow explaining it all.


Miranda said...

Whatever it is she's making there, it looks amazing!

Frivole said...

What an interesting looking bit of tatting! Can't wait to see and learn more.

Michelle said...

What a fascinating idea! It feels like we're on the cusp of another leap forward like when someone invented the split ring! These these two techniques are so interesting! Please telll her too how fun it was to hear that sound of a liitle jgirl saying mama like that. My girls don't sound like that anymore.

Mauricio Bernal. fashion designer haute couture said...

spectacular ... this project looks interesting.
is amazing what is accomplished with this technique. and many others. greetings to you

Fox said...


I have noticed this shape in tatting an SSSR, but of course never thought to create anything with my 'mistake'!

Anastasija has shown us a very viable technique that looks amazing in the example that you show here.

Thanks Jane and Anastasija!
Fox : )

Marilee Rockley said...

Beautiful! The thread is so shiny, too, and lovely colors.

Batty Tatter said...

WOW, that's over my head. But very beautiful.

rsmre said...

A very pretty element. Something new is always showing up in tatting. It's amazing how one little turn can make a completely different element. I can see it being used in many new tatting patterns.

Martha said...

That's a very pretty edging you show today. Would my folded ring technique with the half stitches make the half moon shape easier with the SSSR? Please pass along to Anastasija if you think it would.

Gina said...

What is that pattern? And what kind of thread? That is so beautiful! More, more, more info please!!!!

Jane S. said...

That is a very intricate bit of tatting, and the shiny thread really adds to the appeal!

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