8 February 2012

Something else I don't like

Am I becoming the 'grump of the year'?  I seem to be doing a lot of moaning lately!!!

Somebody suggested that the newly re-vamped onion ring owl, pig and elephant would benefit by using the Catherine Wheel Join.
Being the sort who always takes all suggestions seriously I set off to see if it was better.  Now I DON'T LIKE the CWJ.  It's time consuming and fiddly but I gave it my best shot (as my American friends say)!!! 

Well I wished I hadn't as it was dreadful.  I mean it sort of looks OK (picture on the left) but it really threw the pattern into a state.  You'll see I gave up on the one on the left with the CWJ - cut off in it's prime, even!!!!  The part that I did seemed to 'cup' even though I was SO careful to keep it lying flat by adjusting the chains all the time.  In fact it was just as bad as working the original onion ring!!!!  Grrrrrr.

I also realise that I actually like the definition that I get with the lock joins too.  Using the Lj gives a much firmer result to the finished piece too and I like that.

I love new techniques - well the ones that aren't 'restricted' by 'ownership' and I'm always happy to try things out but in this case the CWJ doesn't 'do' anything for this design - unless you know better - I'm always ready to take up a challenge!!


Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

The CWJ has its uses - but it's not best for every pattern! There's nothing wrong with the LJ - with some patterns, it's the best choice. I've been block tatting lately, and have only used the LJ.

Love the little piggy on the right! The one on the left must have already gone to market - now looks like a slice of ham!!

Orsi said...

Cute little pig..........and bottom ... or ham? :-)

Jane McLellan said...

Worth a try, but if the simpler join works better, happy days!

Val said...

haha, jane, i can nvr remember what the catherine wheel join is... i love simple. chains work for me, lj's work for me. so this "new" pig works for me.

p.s. sharren's comment about the piggy on the left looking like a slice of ham is funny... hahahaha...

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Jane,

I think Lj would be Ok for this pattern. Some of the new ideas and techniques dont always work on every pattern. Its down to tail and error.

Ladytats said...

I think you are right Jane, the LJ works just fine.
he he Sharren, it does look like a slice of ham. now all we need are green eggs to go with the pink ham.

Madtatter said...

Awww, it's still a pretty pink piggy.
Margaret...............I know you meant trial and error. But I got a giggle out of tail and error. I don't wish to be rude. It's just funny. It may become a trend, here.

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