28 April 2012

Thoughts of an OG!!

Now when I listed the last lot of bags in my Etsy shop I wondered which would be the most popular.  I have little guessing games with myself!!!   You've heard that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself - well the next stage is playing games with yourself!!!

It's well known in tat land that chocolate goes with tatting (being careful, of course, not to get it on your work) so I naturally thought that the fabric with chocolates would fly out of the shop.  DUH, I was SO wrong!!!  It's a lovely fabric and one I love using.  Is it 'just me' that likes it?

I also thought those with the tatting shuttles (well, they look like that to me!!) and pansies would go fast too but they're still there.  

Isn't it a good thing that we're not all alike!!!


Manuela said...

Hi Jane,

These are very nice bag and get on top appetite for chocolate;). Do not worry I'm talking to myself sometimes, especially when I want to succeed in something.

LG Ela

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Do they make blue chocolate? ; )

My new blue Roly Poly Bag and Poke Proof Pouch are gone. Granddaughter Eva decided she'd like to learn to tat. The Poke Proof Pouch now holds a pink and green Clover shuttle, and it's tucked neatly inside the Roly Poly Bag with a pair of pink and white polka dot embroidery scissors. She has Lizbeth thread in pink and green to match the shuttles, and her very own copy of Learn to Tat by Janette Baker.

Eva is in heaven! She even showed her daddy the tag inside the bag that says "Handmade in England by Jane Eborall." She's very impressed that Grandma has a friend in England!

Of course she had no time to practice this week... way to busy with school projects. Guess what Grandma's doing when school gets out? : )

Unknown said...

I like both bag patterns. Too bad I am a little short this month to get them. :( You make such pretty bags.

Jane Eborall said...

Diane you are SO funny!!! So, what did you do? Went and bought another set!!! Thank YOU!!!!!

picotsnkeys said...

I like both bags!! If I wasn't tricked out already, I'd get another.....

Jane McLellan said...

The trick is to avoid making just what you like yourself - I had to learn that in a previous existence.

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