26 June 2012

More about the Roundabout motif

I'm now motoring on the web pages so will soon put a notice on to say that the changes are finished.  I'm 'down in the doodles' section.  Not looking forward to the techniques section as there are so many - BUT they'll be quick as there are only the home page and footer links to do.

Here are a few more of the Roundabout motif for you to look at while I get on with sorting the pattern.

This is a simple pattern OR an advanced (ish) one depending on how you want to work it.  I'll give instructions for both ways but the 'advanced' way has the megga advantage that you only have the finishing ends to deal with. It's worked from the inside to the end without any cutting and tying.


Sally Kerson said...

So pretty especially the second one, guess the advanced is with a split chain!

Fox said...

How different they look by changing the colours! Pretty both.
Fox : )

God's Kid said...

Those are gorgeous and in such fabulous colors!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Both are lovely, nice pattern

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I love your expression 'motoring on', and it seems you are doing just that! I am impressed with your 'can-do' attitude for this time-consuming task, and with your speed in getting it accomplished! In addition, you tatted these pretty motifs. Just amazing! And you will have two versions of the pattern! Really above and beyond! This could be a clock pattern!

Ela2 said...

Hi Jane,

Your design is always beautifull.It's sees through the different colors from each other sometimes.

greets Ela

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Happy Beaks
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