18 October 2012

My travel project

Now before I left for America I had to decide what to take with me to do in those 'odd moments'.

I never tat while in the departure lounges (too many people to watch) or on the plane (too easy to drop things and not be able to find them again) so that made it slightly easier to decide - or did it?  Not at all as making decisions is hard sometimes!!!

In the end I settled (as usual) for a hanky edging as it doesn't involve beads (who wants to rub their noses on beads on a hanky?!?!?) and does require a lot of mindless repetition!!  So I decided on using the 'Oh So Simple' edging which I happened upon last Christmas.

I've now finished it as I needed something to do when I got home because I wasn't in the right frame of mind to start something new!!  Life's like that sometimes!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Very pretty, lovely colour, I agree who wants beads on hanks, the thought of wiping ones nose on a bead, ouch

Gill said...

that is really pretty Jane

Ladytats said...

perfect ♥

Jacqui Southworth said...

Hi Jane - I have used this edging pattern on five different square-necked t-shirts so far and they have attracted a lot of compliments. I used the variegated Lizbeth thread in colours that showed up well on the background.

Sara said...

Who is so lucky to get that to wipe the nose on!?! It´s just to pretty to use!

God's Kid said...

Oh how bright and beautiful!! :)

Mary Jo said...

Do you tat directly to the hanky, or sew on after (so tatting can be re-used after hanky has worn out)? I have heard both concepts, but have not embraced either yet. (I have hand hemmed a couple of hankys and they are waiting for edges) Would love to know your approach!

Jane Eborall said...

That's a lot of tatting, Jacqui.
I've no idea Sara - I tend to just put things away without any big decisions like that!!!!
Mary Jo - no, I never tat directly onto the hanky but sew on afterwards. Both have their merits but tatting first and then sewing on gives you the chance to take it off and re-attach if you ruin the hanky itself. Men have been known to use hankies to mop up oil etc!!!! I guess it's a personal choice and I choose to sew on afterwards!!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I find it interesting that you find size 80 to be 'comfortable' to work with while traveling, let alone using two shuttles! I'm afraid I'm not that brave! Congrats on finishing this - rather quickly, in my opinion!

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