26 February 2013

Snowflake with big bead in centre

First of all - please take a moment to read today's TIAS blog for an explanation of the failings of brain cell three!!!!  I have also amended yesterday's file to give thread quantities.  Must've had a bad few days with the aged brain!!!!

Now I'm playing with another of the old patterns - this one.  I've put a bead in the centre just like I did with the old one.  I'm off into the loft later to see if I can find the magazines that had the originals in - watch this space!!!

I'm pretty pleased with this idea but I want to try something new and exciting out too.  Well, it might not be new but it's certainly exciting!!!  Watch this space!!!


Orsi said...

It is super cute!

Susan Hook said...

I love the bead.

God's Kid said...

Very beautiful!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

If Brain Cell #3 has occasional lapses, it's only because it's 'overactive'! And my hat is off to anyone with an 'intermediary hard wifi disc'! You're way ahead of me in computer savvy! (Although I DO have a "MiFi" for traveling with my tablet !) Please be careful in the attic! I just was wondering when you were featured in a magazine and how it all came about! I didn't know the magazine was 'hidden away' with the big spiders! You're so accommodating to go and hunt for it!!

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Happy Beaks
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