6 February 2013

Treble clef

Thanks everybody for all your comments on yesterday's post.  I'm pleased to tell you that I'm even more confused now than I was before.  I'll put all the names in a pot and pick one out in due course!!!

I was heartened to also find out that I'm not alone on not liking music too - makes an old git feel not so odd!!!

Now I know the name of this note - it's a treble clef.  No idea why I know that but I do.  I think it's quite important in music but not sure why.  No, I really don't want to know either - ignorance is bliss and I'm truly ignorant!!


Ladytats said...

very good Jane, those are very good. You do such nice work.

IsDihara said...

Your Treble Clef is a byoot! It reminds me of two (maybe 3?) years ago when I was tatting treble clefs to help out Tatskool for music-themed wedding favors. Then, I used LadyShuttleMaker's Treble Clef pattern.

BTW, I am SOOOOO jealous that you and Sally will be spending time with LadyShuttleMaker during her visit to the UK. Will there be silly snapshots of you and your two tatting compatriots? Oh, I do hope so!

God's Kid said...

Great treble clef!! :)

picotsnkeys said...

Very nice! I like the pattern!!

It's really, really, hard for me, but I will leave you in ignorance about why a clef is important. But, I do have to say, it's not a note....it's a clef. That would be like calling a quote mark a vowel. It sounds really silly to a musician which can make one feel very sad. You're too brilliant with shuttles to make someone feel so sad.
If you decide you wish to learn what the heck the difference is between a clef and a note, I have a funny story to share with you.

Off to tat some music,

Randi said...

Jane, we each have our own interests and talents in varied combinations. THANK YOU for sharing your masterful knowledge of tatting with those of us who love music as well as lace!

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