6 May 2013

New project

Now in the summer (IF we get one) I like to have something to do when and IF I sit in the garden.  Something that doesn't need beads or is too fiddly to do.  I HATE the sun so always sit in the shade.  Sometimes I just sew in the conservatory but at the moment (having made 20 roly poly sets) I'm 'off' sewing bags.  

A week or two ago I had to take some 'stuff' up to the tip.  Next to the huge skips is a shop where you can take items that are too good to throw away and which somebody else might like to have.  The profits from this shop go to the local day hospice in Stratford.  

Of course when taking things up there an old git just HAS to go and look around the shop and look what I found.  Yarn.  4ply acrylic   I bought this HUGE cone which is brand new for just two pounds.  I'd already got an idea of what I intend to do with it so grabbed it and came away.  I'm going to make curtains.  There was only the one cone so if I run out I'll have to resort to ebay or Amazon for more.  

I will use filet crochet to make them so once I've decided on the pattern I'll start.  I made curtains for the windows (which are still fine, by the way) some years ago and they're 'picture' ones.  I'm bored with them and this time I'll make slightly 'fuller' ones with a repeating pattern.  

More in the future.  Meantime I'm still working on the Ferris wheel motif and thoroughly enjoying it although I'll be putting it aside while I do some test tatting and also make a bookmark which has been requested - a Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It one.


Mrs. Fink said...

I loved visiting the charity shop around the corner from my flat when I lived in London...you never knew what you were going to find!

Ladytats said...

oh, those will be very nice. I will be interested in what pattern you choose to do.

Jane S. said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person that hates the sun! Everyone thinks I'm weird, but I'm much happier with cooler temps and an overcast sky. I've never had a tan in my life, it's burn and peel all the way for me so I just stay in the shade. :)

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