24 June 2013

Trying not to bore you all!

I don't like to be boring.  That's my biggest fear about regular blogging - becoming a bore!  So, today I'm going to show you a quick progress on the curtains.  These are the narrower side curtains for our front room.
I've nearly finished and have just four rows to do and here they are a few days ago!!!

When I started out on this mammoth task it was so that I would have something to do whilst sitting in the garden this summer.  I'm very sad to report that June is almost over and so far I've spent two afternoons working on them outside.  

Somebody asked how many hours they'd taken and I worked it out.  I reckon it's roughly 86 hours.  Not sure if that's right as my math is pretty darn dreadful!!!  Well each row took about quarter of an hour and in total there were 344 rows.  


Maureen said...

Mot boring at all, Jane - I can't believe how quickly you've made them, while still finding time to tat!
Did you have to go on a hunt for another cone of the rubbish tip yarn? That was such a lucky find.

petozi Design said...

NO, not bored!!
So it is with handy crafts, have all slow progress :-)

Happy Crocheting

Jane Eborall said...

Afternoons are for 'other things' and evenings are for tatting (mornings are computers) so there's plenty of time really!!!! I had to buy another cone from Fleabay (also known as Ebay) to make the side window ones!!! I'll have about half a cone left over so I MAY think of something else to use that for!!!!

Susan Hook said...

You have done very well with your curtains, you will be able to look at them every day and feel proud that you have made them!

linb54 said...

I love them! I won't ever be bored with your posts. enjoy each one!

Ladytats said...

You are never boring. Thanks for the update.

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