10 July 2013

A journey in a bucket!

Now you must remember this post.  Well I listened and noted everybody's comments.  
First of all for Jacqui who wanted to see the back.  As you can see there's a variation in the threads used there too.  Thankfully I had the sense to make that balance as well!!!
Then I saw Ameche's comment (more later) but by then I'd got some terracotta dye.  I read everybody's input and the links sent too.  I decided to go ahead with the dyeing experiment (in the bucket) BUT nobody, nobody warned me to check my rubber gloves first.  You naughty, naughty people.  There was a leak in the right hand glove!!!
So, here's the finished vest again - first the front view and then the back view.  You can see that the dye has taken differently on the two types of thread.  I'm pleased with the colour although I was expecting it to be a bit lighter as the instructions said on the packet that it might well be as if the thread was polyester.  

So I'm now going to take up Ameche's suggestion which is:-
"The white is symmetrical, instead of dying have you considered some beading or fine ribbon woven in to enhance the white and make it a design element? Home dye's are rarely as "rich" and consistently even as commercially dyed fibers, such fine handwork deserves to be showcased."

Thanks, Ameche.  Once I've found the right braiding I'm sure it will really make this piece zing. 

Back in a few days time when I've decided what to use.


Maureen said...

That is quite amazing! - it looks so modern now, and the braid will really set it off when you've found some.
I seem to remember that you blogged about this piece a few years ago - did you tell us that you had made it with the use of a paper pattern? It's absolutely brilliant. Well Done to the bucket.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Maureen. No, no paper pattern - just a good old dose of 'tat it and see'!!!! I always start off by telling BC3 that it's going to be a coaster. Then I tell him it's a place mat and then a tray cloth. After that I'm usually so addicted to the idea of 'just tatting' without designing that I carry on regardless of BC3!!! With something like this I lay it on other clothes I have already as I go along!!!!

Orsi said...

Lovely colour Jane!

Jane McLellan said...

Ah. Yes. Sorry the dye job didn't disguise the different threads! But do go with Ameche's idea. Seeing as the colour changes are symmetrical, it can look like a design element. Definitely don't put it back in the cupboard!

Pigmini said...

Ok.... trying again!!

Love the design Jane!! Well Done! And the colour.... hope your finger recovers soon... LOL (Been there, done that....)

Now where's the pattern???

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Pigmini, I've NO idea what tatting pattern I used and the rest was 'made up as I went along'!!!!!

linb54 said...

I thought it was pretty before and still think it's pretty! it deserves to be worn, so throw away that box and please wear it. :) I'm sure it took forever to tat?

Michelle said...

Wow, the color is exciting! I bet the ribbon accent will just do the trick!

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