2 September 2013

A box of goodies.

Now this (top picture) is what started my obsession with these solar 'inspired' toys.  When Sally and I first got into Joanie's car last year she had one EXACTLY like this on her dashboard.  That was it for me - love at first sight (please don't tell Nick!).  

Last Friday a box arrived at Chez Eborall which was full of surprises from Joanie.  I took the box into the 'office' (which is really a bedroom) to open it.  Nick was in the next room lying on the bed reading his paper.  He wondered what on earth was going on when there were hoots of laughter coming from me so I had to dash to him to show him my hula, hula girl!!!  She was the first thing I pulled out of the box and is very energetic too - tried to emulate her but failed dismally as my rather rotund belly wouldn't work properly!!!

Beneath is a hummingbird made entirely of beads.  I adore watching the hummers out of Joanie's window and this little red throated one is EXACTLY like those that visit her yard.  I had to smile at the little note on it saying that he wasn't to be demolished (I think the right terminology is 'bead extraction')!!!!!!  As IF I would do that to a hummingbird.

More box news soon - it doesn't end here!


Margarets designer cards said...

Oh Jane we would have loved a video of you doing the hula hula,
Beautiful bird,

Maureen said...

Wow - that's a rather magnificent hummingbird! I don't think the solar toys have made it to these shores, I never see them in the dollar shops. Then again, I haven't really been on a mission to find them! - might have to pay another visit to Daiso, they have everything.
Seconding Margaret's wish for a hula-video......

Sally Kerson said...

Maureen I visited a Daiso store in Singapore, but they did not have one, happy searching!

LibraryLady said...

I could just picture the hula-ing, Jane!! The hummer IS gorgeous!

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, LibraryLady my hula-ing days are long over, I fear!!!!

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