24 October 2013

Another celtic snowflake

Here's another of the Celtic type of snowflakes I've made for presents - just like the one I did yesterday.

Threads used are Lizbeth 664 (Ocean Teal) and 125 (Sea Scape).

You can see again the difference between the ball and the actual tatted piece.  The best place to judge what a thread will look like is by the little butterfly that Barb puts next to the colour on the Handy Hands site OR look in her gallery here.

Having done these two flakes I'm now in the mood to open each of my new Lizbeth balls to try them out!!  I need a pattern, though and I think I know which one I'm going to use!!!  It'll serve as a dual purpose - I need to check out the instructions and maybe even do new drawings as this may have been designed before I took the big step from Microsoft to Apple.

Oh, how I mathered over that step for years but I'm SOOOOO glad I did it.  OK, it cost a lot to make the move but by now I'd have had to replace a PC as I do rather 'over use' them.

The iMac?  Well it's working as well as the day I bought it and I LOVE it.  No, I've NOT been offered a job in an Apple store (don't you just LOVE the atmosphere in those stores - both here in England and in the U.S.A.) but am just a happy old git!!


God's Kid said...

Very nice snowflake!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I think the outer ring of this wonderful pattern is a great place to use variegated threads with stretches of white in them. The solid color of the center portion of the motif highlights the lovely tatted design, and the variegated points provide an attractive colorful contrast and effect!
And this thread has the matching blue color!
Some variegated threads on a large piece can cause a design to
disappear, but on a smaller area, they can be very effective! I now
want to experiment with all of my variegated threads that I have not been excited about before!

Marty said...

Ditto, Kathy, ditto! This is a great pattern for trying color combinations. Wow, Jane! BC3 is working for you.

Crazy Mom! said...

Pretty, pretty 'flake, Jane!

You have a tremendous eye for color!

Tatskool said...

Hurrah for the day you finally gave in and moved to Apple!

Tatskool said...

Hurrah for the day you finally moved to Apple.

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Happy Beaks
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