11 January 2014

Two announcements

Two things to tell/remind you of today.

First is that Day 3 will be out tomorrow morning.  Thank you to those who have kept quiet about my 'bad day' on Thursday when my main computer was having a meltdown!!!  Neither Nick or I could understand what was causing it and it took him most of the day to sort it out, bless his cotton socks.  During that time I accidentally copied day 3 link into my announcement post!!!  I was told by a tatter about it so quickly fired up the laptop and sorted it.  Things can only get better, can't they?

Also today I need to remind you that there are a few shuttles (see this post) that will be going into the Etsy shop later today.  The link to the shop is here.

I think Sunday is going to be a very busy day with blogging day 3's and any others that come in and sorting and packing shuttles too!!!  No mischief for me tomorrow!!!

One last thing which really, really made me megga chuffed was to notice on my dashboard here that I now have 500 followers.   Thanks for keeping an eye on me - nice to know that people care about my ramblings on here.  Really great, actually for an old git to know that there are people who are out there reading my blog.


Patti said...

Of course I care about your ramblings. I need a little humor to start the day and this is the first place I go. :)

Unknown said...

Are blogs free? How do I start one myself? And yes, I've enjoyed taking part in your tias the last few days since I started following you!!! Happy tatting.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Michelle they are free. If you'd like to email me privately I can talk you through how to set one up!!!!

StringyDogs said...

Reading your blog? No, not often, only when you post. :-p

BC3 comes up for air every now and then for us all! You spread joy and joy in tatting. Fun to meet you at Tat Days (I'm sure all those new faces are a blur. My blur had brown hair and glasses.)

Thanks for the TAIS. What work! And what great challenge for us all to work on.

Anonymous said...

If being considered a 'follower' involves signing up somewhere, you have at least 501 followers....I'm not all that technology-savvy, so I just use bookmarks and check daily to see what's going on with you and BC3 each day.
StephanieW in NC

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Stephanie that makes it 501 or probably 500 again as in my excitement I realised after this post had gone out that my dear friend Gina still has me on her follower's list. Miss her dreadfully still with her wise, kind words of wisdom.

Tally Tatty said...

I am sorry for all your calamities, Jane,..

Dale Marie said...

We LOVE your ramblings Jane ;-) No sarcasm intended. You bring joy to us around the globe with all that you do and all you contribute to the tatting community. You are a star dear Jane!! Congratulations on reaching 500 followers!

Carrie said...

Congratulations on 500 followers, but I can't say that I'm surprised. Your easy-going attitude, witty writing, and lovely tatting keep us coming back.
I remember when I first started my blog last year. You commented on it early on and it gave me such a boost! You are an inspiration.
I'm a bit slow but hope to start on the TIAS today!

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