22 January 2014


Now that's what I say about these three skeins of HDT which came in the post on Monday.  Well, they simply are 'yummy'.  
Now you're wondering where they came from - they came from America.

Yes, America is a BIG place so now you want to know where from in America!!!

So, I'll tell you - Maryland.

Oh, go on, I give in.  They came from Monica who has a shop full of threads here in Etsy.

Can't wait to try them but I MUST finish off an on-going project before I do.  Steady old girl - one thing at a time!!!


Maureen said...

Lovely colours - I do like pinks. And the Etsy Shop is very tempting, you shouldn't have showed us!

God's Kid said...

Great colors!! :)

linb54 said...

she does have lovely threads. I have some but haven't figured out what I want to use them for yet.

Denise Brant said...

I was going to inquire about them also. You can let me know how they do? They look beautiful.

Deana MacKenzie said...

Jane....any chance you might be bringing some of that thread and the Catherine Wheel to Canada to teach Kelly how to shuttle tat anytime in the near future???

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