27 February 2014

Another technique

I had a message from Randy yesterday to say that the book is now available for $28.00 so if you want to email them for a copy before it gets to the shop then please do.

Well if you thought that the book was going to be just about bauble tatting then you'll have to think again because there are other surprises in there too.  There's the layered SCMR.  Yes, honestly - layered.  I simply had to try that, of course!!!

So I decided I needed some more colour in my life!!! This is a layered SCMR pair of earrings.

This is another interesting technique and well worth trying but there's even more to it than this.

Tomorrow another critter so please stop by again.


Liyarra said...

Opens up so many new possibilities!!

Pigmini said...

Jane.... that's NOT Fair!!! I NEED that Book!!! You know how to tempt a woman with a fetish for earwigs!!! LOL

God's Kid said...

Very unique and great colors!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The earrings look wonderful - fantastic colors, and intriguing shape/layers. Another book I'll HAVE to have.

muskaan said...

This is a great technique , with so many possible applications ! Love your earrings, Jane :-)

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Happy Beaks
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