23 February 2015

A busy day

That was yesterday. I spent a good part of the day sorting out the beading section of my tips and techniques pages.

Before I give you the appropriate links I must say that it amazes me that the idea (which I know had never been thought of before) that I had for adding beads without loading them to the shuttle or chain thread some years ago was seemingly ignored for many years!!!!

It sort of amused me as I was using it but nobody else seemed to want to. Nowadays I'm tickled to see it being used all the time but what I find extraordinary is that it's also being used when only one bead is involved. Each to their own and I've found myself doing that too lately!!!!  I'm talking about the long beaded picot.  Now I've simplified that page here and amended the similar (BUT THEY'RE NOT THE SAME!!!) page which is here.

I've also added this page with additions too.  Part of it used to be on the long beaded picot page but I've now made it into a 'floating beads' page.

Not sure if you've seen this before but it's talking about how and where beads can be used in rings and chains.

So, that's what you call a busy day!!!  What else happened?  It rained and rained and rained!!!


Maureen said...

Rained here for most of the weekend too, as the cyclone moved down the coast; I spent a lovely long afternoon watching The Cruel Sea and knitting another baby shawl!

Pigmini said...

Another page to add to my 'collection of techniques' in the folder that travels with me when I'm likely to be 'teaching/aiding' tatters!! Shades of 'Show and tell' and leave an aide memoire!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've been meaning to try your beading technique, but somehow I'm stuck with creating without beads! Thanks for updating your tips pages. I do refer to them

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Happy Beaks
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