5 February 2015

Chicken coaster/doily

Well this HAS to be the last for a while. I'm not bored with them but need to move on to other things. 

The coaster at the top was made with - mmmmmm, not sure but it's an HDT and a plain. Least I think it's plain!!!   Yes it is in the coaster.

So I made the coaster and was very surprised at how the thread worked out that each flowery part was dark pink in roughly the same places all the way round. Once finished I thought that the plain outside was a bit light and it needed the doily round to contain it and add some definition.

Doesn't that sound posh? Well that's actually not quite what I thought - I really thought 'this darn thing needs the outer round' with a bit more colour!!!  So, that's what I did.  


Pigmini said...

Yep... That Doily looks Greaat!!! You got 'em right today!! LOL

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That's pretty cool the way the flowers worked out! I'll bet that if you tried to purposely make it that way you'd have been frustrated by where the thread color changed. ;-)

God's Kid said...

I think it looks fabulous both ways!!! :)

muskaan said...

I started the coaster this morning !!! But it was the first time I had to start with SCMR . Was v dissatisfied with the bulky knot (size 10). So after a couple of rings & chains, went looking for a tut or tip in your blog ....AND there it was ! Cut off and restarted ... happy :-D
But bobbin holds thread for only 2-wings , so there will be lots of Loading ...

Jane Eborall said...

Not sure if this will help, Muskaan but this is the way I add in new thread with no knots.

muskaan said...

Jane, it Did help !
I, too, always start without any knots, be it a normal ring, chain or SR (& I had figured it out myself, without any tuts). But couldn't manage with SCMR, although my brain kept saying it was possible ;-P Took the easy route out .... Your Tips & Techniques -- always so handy :-)
Thanks for sharing & creating this vast reservoir of tatting How-tos

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