30 May 2015

People who thieve

Should be shot! Well, that's a bit drastic but their behaviour in this case is beyond belief. 

Do you remember this post about the lady at Crafternoon knitting an asparagus bollard cozy? Well you can imagine her disappointment (and the other knitters involved) when all their cosies were stolen.

In the first picture you can see some of the 13 original asparagus cosies in all their glory and I hope you can read the article in the local paper below. I just hope that if the cosy thieves eat asparagus that it chokes them.  Also hoping that the other nine are returned in time for the Asparagus Festival.  The Vale of Evesham farmers depend on the fruit and vegetables growing in the area for their livelihood.


Jane McLellan said...

Oh dear me. It makes it worse that they were probably stolen by thoughtless people who thought it was funny, with no thought to the work involved.

Pigmini said...

People who don't 'craft' don't appreciate the hours spent in the creation of the 'craft'!! Let's hope the rest arrive in time!!!

Maureen said...

I often wonder about that - one year people yarn-bombed public statues in Brisbane, and unsurprisingly the mittens knitted for the kangaroos and other noble citizens didn't last the night; but in that case the people who took them were probably cold and needed them more than the statues did. I don't know who would need asparagus cosies though - maybe somebody very skinny??

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