6 June 2015


Outrageous advertising!!! 

Yes, I'm putting out a reminder on today's post that I have plenty of the new bags available here in my Etsy shop.  Sales have been slow. Well, not slow but more non existent!!!  I blame myself because I don't really advertise them much!!!!  

Customers who have bought them are pleased with the quality and I've never had a complaint.  All bags are fully lined and washable too.  Not sure what else I can say about them, really!!!!  I have several that I use for projects, storing tubes of beads, work in progress etc.  

I have a good stock of the bags now and have made myself stop making them. I'll admit I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not using the sewing machine but that may change over the weekend.

Anyway, before I go here are a couple of pictures of those in the shop.


IsDihara said...

Thanks for the "outrageous advertising," because it is SHOCKING that you have any stock at all in the shop. These bags are GREAT.

erin said...

I concur with Issy. I have a roly poly bag that I tote about everywhere. I've had it several years and it still looks fabulous! I think of Jane every time I open it. I love the convenience of being able to slip it in my handbag so I'm never caught without a bit of tatting (we all know how critical that can be!).

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your bags are wonderful! Maybe I should go take a peek...

God's Kid said...

Very nice bags!! :)

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