17 October 2015

Book sale

I'm on a one woman rescue mission!!  I rescue tatting books from the charity shops in town. Well, only the one charity shop ever seems to have them!!

These three were picked up for £2.50 each and I'm happy to part with them for that price - plus postage.  If you want one, two or even all three of them then please email me on itatlots @ gmail.com.  First come, first served although I'd rather send them all to one person if possible.  I'll take them to the Post Office and find out a price once a buyer is found and then they'll soon be on the way once they've been paid for!!!    If nobody wants them then I'll reach to a larger audience either through Etsy or Ebay.  The only markings in all three is a price. 

The condition of the three is excellent - in fact they've hardly been used. Unlike my originals which I bought as they were published - they're very dog eared!!!


Maureen said...

I have all three - but what a bargain!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I don't have any of those three books, so I'm sending you an email!

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry, folks - all three have gone. I WILL be looking out for more, though. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sally Kerson said...

I am always looking for tatting books and tatting shuttles in charity shops, they are a rare find but a delight when found. Keep on rescuing them!

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