19 December 2015

Even MORE!

Just when you thought you'd been spared from MORE snowflakes here they are again!!! 

Now interestingly the top two or three are using a thread I was given by Edda Guastalla.  The thread actually has a glittery element in it which is well twisted with the main thread which could be polyester or cotton.  

I must admit I wound it onto the shuttles in great trepidation as I was sure it wouldn't be easy to use.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  It was really really easy to tat with and gives a lovely sparkly effect too.  In fact when I offered this selection of snowflakes to friends to choose from the red ones went very quickly.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lovely snowflakes! It looks like it will be a warm and dreary Christmas here. That's okay... the weather might inspire me to tat my own flurry of flakes.

Maureen said...

What was the thread? - I never seem to have success with metallic threads , they either stretch or snap. Love the look of yours! - ( but the yellow flakes are lovely too)

Jane Eborall said...

I'm afraid I don't know, Maureen. Edda sent it as a gift with an order I placed with her.

Anonymous said...

You've done it again, Jane! I had been 'resisting' those tiny snowflakes and after seeing the most recent 'flurry' today, I HAD to print the pattern and try one. Now I am addicted! So far just plain old cotton thread, but I've been entertaining thoughts of getting out the thin metallic stuff and adding a strand of it to the next shuttle full of cotton.

Jane McLellan said...

Just goes to show, we need to try threads rather than making assumptions! And these little snowflakes are perfect for trying out a new thread.

God's Kid said...

Pretty snowflakes!! :)

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