2 December 2015

Jane's Christmas mouse

Now Jane from Canada is suffering from 'mouse addiction'. Can't say I blame her and am dying to make more mice (or other baubles) soon.  She and some other friends from the Toronto area traveled to Indiana for a weekend of fun and lots of tatting with (among others) the Houtz brothers.  

Here is her Christmas display.  I can tell you a secret - Jane is a HUGE amount of fun just like the other Canadian lasses.  This is what she says about her picture:-

"Mice get ginormous and grow antlers and Santa hats"

Actually I have a little rabbit to test tat for Darla sometime and I should be able to get to it soon. Where DOES the time go?


Maureen said...

That's not a mouse, that is a RAT!!! - and only on your blog would he be allowed to exist, tell Jane from Canada that if he were in my house, he would be in a trap. Immediately.

Jane Eborall said...

Heeeee, Heeeeee. Will pass the message on!!!!!

Pigmini said...

Maureen... When did RATS have antlers and Santa Hats??? I think he's a recycled Water Vole!!! VBG

erin said...

Or the infamous great horned otter.

TAT19540 said...

Meet these ladies at tat days in Indiania. Had great time. Gary and Randy are a hoot!

Bernice said...

Love these mice thanks Jane and Jane

lej619 said...

These are great!! Love the Santa hat!

Shelly said...

So adorable

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Happy Beaks
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