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25 February 2016

People earrings

It's probably 30 years since I started designing earrings to amuse the kids I was teaching. I had the reception class in those days and started wearing daft earrings to encourage the children to settle into school. The parents used to encourage the children to come to school to see what the teacher was wearing in her ears.

I used to wear anything - from teabags, dog biscuits, sweets, bath plugs and also the  children's homemade earrings (often made out of toilet roll middles) that would fit onto ear findings. Then I started to design my own tatted ones which formed a lot of my doodles (seen here).

I DO wear 'normal' earrings nowadays but I was feeling a tad boring recently so decided that people earrings would be something to cheer up the winter months. I used the tat beads as inspiration and only slightly shortened the arms, legs and skirt to achieve these earrings below.


  1. Can't ignore the tat bead family! - you would have Made an Impression.

  2. I love your people earrings!!

  3. Your people earrings would be a hit with our kids!

  4. Like them a lot. Will have to make some.

  5. These earrings are so adorable!

    I'm sure those 'kids' remember you, and I wonder if they have kept in touch or are aware of your blog or facebook page!
    It must have been fun for them to be in your classroom!

    1. I still see a few of the kids around town and they remember the earrings - so do the parents too!!!! I'm 'friends' with a few on Facebook too. They try to call me by my 'ex' married name but I insist on Jane!!!! They were all great kids. Every last one of them.

  6. Great story, great earrings.

  7. I can imagine those little ladies dancing as you walk along!

  8. Anonymous5:35 pm

    What wonderful, adorable earrings - such FUN! :-)


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