16 March 2016

A change of direction!!

I know I'm incorrigible or, (roughly translated) the owner of a butterfly brain but I DO love baubles!!! I've got quite a collection of them now but no hard and fast decisions on what to do with them. 

Have I told you about the 'bunting group'? Well we've got a group in the road (and the neighbouring road) making bunting to string up along the street for the Queen's birthday in June. 

In this road it's a matter of ANY excuse to get a road closure and throw a party. The beauty of these occasions is that there's no worrying about the drink driving laws as it all 'happens' on your own doorstep!!! It's a good idea to make and wear a badge on these occasions - one with your house number on. 

You may wonder why? Well so that if you can't remember where you live somebody can post you back through the letterbox if you're wearing your number!!! Interestingly - our house number is the same as my age will be in October!!!!


Maureen said...

And you aren't going to show us the front of the badge, are you!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Would your baubles work as zipper pulls, or would that be too hard on them?

Jane Eborall said...

Too hard on them for zipper pulls but they make lovely brooches. I've got two already that I wear on outdoor clothing most of the year round.

SWtrompeter said...

The bauble is wonderful! Makes me want to drop everything and play with baubles, but mine would never look THAT good. Hmmm....I'd have to live to be well over 2000 year old before my age matched my house number. ;-) Bet if I *did* and tatted nonstop, I STILL wouldn't be able to use up all of my thread stash. That's what we're all doing, isn't it? Happily trying to use up our whole thread stash in one lifetime. :-)

God's Kid said...

That is so cool!!! :)

Ninetta said...


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Happy Beaks
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