22 April 2016

Owl progress!!

Upwards and into the tree - all three owls are now safely roosting where they should be.

I'm now dreading the next part - hate finishing off things!!! The borders have to be put on but they also include part of the picture which 'overlaps' into it. 

Can you see my best friend sitting there on the table? A LARGE cup of tea!!!! An OG cannot work without a regular supply of tea!!!


  1. This is wonderful - still can't understand the technique, but it's so effective in those fabrics.

  2. Hello Sleepy Owls!! I can tell it's daytime... the Wols are asleep!!

    Look forward to seeing them finished!!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, and amazing 'piecing'. You have obviously mastered the technique!

  4. Great owls in the tree!!! :)
    I prefer cocoa, so I will let you have your tea!! :)

  5. This is looking really pretty, Jane!

  6. Some how I missed this one, You finished and looks great too!

    1. Not quite. Needs eyes and the border!!! One day I'll remember to blog it!!!


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