6 April 2016

You never know

No, you never know what's 'round the corner'. I know I'm 'round the bend' and I accept that but I'm glad I don't know what's round the corner or it may make life a bit boring.

Yesterday was a morning of sewing with friends at Lifeways down the road (see picture below with our patchwork whatever) followed by my latest project (more to be revealed soon - IF you're all good!!! 

I finished another session on the project in the afternoon and then came in from the conservatory to check my emails. I found one from my daughter with a link. I was somewhat 'gobsmacked' when I read the link.  Lucy hasn't been with The Pool for long (bragging time - she's deputy editor) but she's obviously told them about me!!! Poor souls. I was so overcome when I read it. Thanks, Lucy. Does this make me a cult leader, though? I hope not!!!!  Too much responsibility for an old git like me.


Maureen said...

Wonderful photo! I'm afraid I am one of those referred to in the article, whose computer is shared with him and lives on a desk and is plugged into the wall.And tell your daughter that my mobile phone - acquired under duress in case of flat tyres whilst driving grandchildren to football training- lives in the car and flips open.....never carry it with me, I hate it with a passion and I refuse to be tethered by it.

Jane McLellan said...

Whoo-oo. Good for you and good for Lucy for saying so!!

muskaan said...

Yay ! Love

God's Kid said...

That patchwork project is awesome!!! :)

Fox said...

Awww! So dear!

LibraryLady said...

Woot, Jane! Just goes to show there is a wide range of what folks know and don't. It may look like there are many who don't know what to do but with knowledgeable trainers like you and many of the volunteers in the world, they won't be unknowing for long!!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I'm so glad Lucy spoke up to share your example. People assume that age tells it all when it comes to understanding and using technology. I know college students who don't know even half of what you know and use regularly. Hooray for you AND Lucy.

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