23 May 2016

A pretty useless technique!

Now the new pattern I'm working on needs the tatter to join a final split ring to a first split ring. 

Don't know about you but I find this can be a bit 'messy' so I settled down to try and resolve this issue. It works well for me but not sure how many times it may be needed.  

I only try new things out when I absolutely need them.  I don't go 'looking' for problems - they find me!!!

I have a feeling that this maybe useful in other situations but I can't think what at the moment!!!

Anyway, just in case you should need it - here's the link.


Jane McLellan said...

Thanks, I'll remember to look for it if I need it!

Maureen said...

As usual, your diagrams are very clear - I think it will probably all make sense when the technique is applied to the pattern. I will remember that it's there.

Liyarra said...

You deadset legend!!!! I was actually looking at that situation yesterday and thinking there had to be a better way to overcome that problem that what I was doing....going to try this tonight.

Jane Eborall said...

That just shows that great minds think alike. It's not a situation you often find yourself in but when I did (yet again) I fathomed out a reasonable solution. If you find a way of improving on it or a better way of describing it please let me know.

muskaan said...

Very interesting :-) Useless, you say? You've solved the problem of joining in case we forget to start the first SR with a picot !
Thanks for sharing, Jane

Madtatter80 said...

Great reminder to place in brain for that special day :)

tatlyn said...

I love it! Thank you Jane-- much better than the knot I always end with in this situation.

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