22 August 2016

Fandango butterfly doily sorted!!!

Well I think it's sorted!!! I like the finishing round which is simple but holds the whole thing together.

Now I really, really 'need' to get the pattern done and uploaded. That, as you know, takes a lot of doing - not that it's hard - it's just fiddly remembering to put in all the links and to put the images in the right place!!!! 

Instead of talking about it - perhaps I ought to just 'do' it!!!


Maureen said...

It's fabulous! - the blue edging is just right and eye-catching. Love it.

Jane McLellan said...

Looks almost 3-dimensional. Really lovely!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The blue edging is perfect!

God's Kid said...

It is awesome!!! :)

Bernice said...

I love it!

muskaan said...

I like how the last round pulls them all together. Is it a flower ? Is it a butterfly net?! :-)

Fox said...


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Happy Beaks
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