7 October 2016


I managed to sell most of my button brooches while I was at Tat Days so when Joanie and I went round the craft shops I looked for (and found!) more replacement buttons. They're 1" buttons which aren't easy to find. 

Thank you, Michaels and Walmart for having them!!! 

I love making these brooches as they look so wonderful using HDT and I've got quite a few skeins of that ready to play with. Also I managed to 'find' some more beads as I've mentioned before. Not that I 'need' more beads but they will all get used if I live to be 150!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Button shopping is so much fun! I"m glad you were able to find the 1". They are hard to find.

Jane McLellan said...

Wonderful colours!

Bernice said...

I've always enjoyed shopping for buttons. I will keep and eye out for the 1" ones for you.

Sally Kerson said...

Agree 1" buttons are hard to find. Just love that brooch pattern and need to make more myself, glad you sold most of them when in the USA

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Happy Beaks
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